Cold Stone Creamery® Locations

Cold Stone Creamery - 20263

  • 2312 S Kirkman Rd
  • Orlando, Florida 32811
  • 4075632181

Cold Stone Creamery - 21851

  • 6607 S Semoran Blvd
  • Orlando, Florida 32822
  • 4078164260

Cold Stone Creamery - 22166

  • 11565 University Blvd
  • Orlando, Florida 32817
  • 4072432362

Cold Stone Creamery - 22235

  • 13586 Village Park Dr
  • Orlando, Florida 32837
  • 4074389169

Cold Stone Creamery - 22383

  • 9000 Airport Blvd
  • Orlando, Florida 32701
  • 4078252854

Cold Stone Creamery - 23162

  • 1000 Universal Studios Plaza
  • Orlando, Florida 32819
  • 4072242295

Cold Stone Creamery - 23205

  • 8145 International Dr
  • Orlando, Florida 32819
  • 4079300936

Cold Stone Creamery - 23781

  • 11020 Daryl Carter Pkwy
  • Orlando, Florida 32821
  • 4077784700

From Key West to Orlando Floridians Enjoy Delicious Cakes from Cold Stone Creamery Get the family together and share a delicious cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Each slice is layered with premium ice cream, moist cake, and covered with fluffy frosting or rich ganache. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors, too! Choose from one of the following: Signature Cakes,Birthday Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches™ Signature Cakes Make Every Event Perfect Our Signature Cakes fit any event. Whether you’re celebrating a party at your Jacksonville office or a Sweet 16 at a hall in Tampa, these cakes are bound to make everyone remember that special day. Our Signature Cakes includes such favorites as: Cake Batter Confetti™ - Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter® Ice Cream with rainbow sprinkles, covered in sweet fluffy white frosting Cookies and Creamery™ - Layers of Devil’s Food cake, sweet cream ice cream, and OREO® cookies, topped with a delicious frosting Cookie Dough Delirium™ - Moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream mixed with cookie dough and rich chocolate shavings, wrapped in yummy white frosting Yummy Themed Cakes A Cold Stone Themed Cake is specially made for your little one’s birthday. They’ll love the layers of: Creamy ice cream,Moist cake,Frosting or ganache Add a special theme to the cake that your child will love. Our themes include Disney® characters, sports teams logos, and cartoon characters – the sky is the limit! Share a Petite Cake with Your Special Someone The two of you are going to love our mouthwatering Petite Cakes. Filled with layers of creamy ice cream, soft cake, and frosting or ganache, they’re a couple’s delight.